Gabriel Gurrola Gabriel Gurrola



Gabriel Gurrola is a commercial and advertising photographer based in El Paso, TX. He is a multi-disciplinary who has a deep passion for the creative and innovative approach to photography. His unique eye and lighting techniques produce dynamic and cinematic visuals. Gabriel’s work has been used by all types of PR, advertising, and branding agencies; from small business owners that want a competitive edge, to large corporations that require a specific image to convey their message and products. 

Gabriel is a visual communicator with a strong branding background, who can provide creative marketing ideas. Gabriel is a gentleman and perfectionist at heart. He enjoys the challenge of creating innovative, cutting-edge photographs for the purpose of advertising and marketing. He can transform your or your client’s look in a matter of days, providing you with the ultimate package for promotion. His work has covered a wide range of scopes - photoshoots for CEOs, artists, models, and major branding and media advertisement campaigns. He has been the DOP for several video projects and branding campaigns. Gabriel is available for worldwide travel.

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